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            Company Culture

            As a stable & professional logistics company, we advocate our company’s culture------ Sunny, Active, Simple, Share, Exquisite, and devote ourselves with great passion into creating passionate enterprise management mode. We respect every staff’s characteristic and safeguard staff’s personal rights and interests; we object black case operation, encourage every kind of communication, promote simple & sincere interpersonal relationship; we are keeping building passionate & creative professional team with constant efforts; we endeavor to create healthy & full life, to develop positive attitude, to provide excellent service for all our customers.

            We do believe: work is not only a method for living, but also a platform for creating joy and displaying talents. We sincerely hope all staffs set up active & passionate living attitude for happy life and happy work, love the career we are now engaging in.

            Our Declaration: Service drives Value

            Our Core Values: Build healthy & hearty life; Train sunshine mentality; Provide excellent service

            Our Mission: Train professional talent; Create high-tech platform; Establish classic international logistics boutique

            Our Vision: Pursue win-win undertaking for both customers and inner staffs