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            Air Freight

            As a newly developed section of CPI, international air freight has become one of the core business rapidly. We can provide direct air freight service, together with multi-module service as door to door, door to port, port to port, cargo pick-up, customs clearance, etc.

            1. Air freight ex China to worldwide

            Air freight ex all China base air ports(SZX/HKG/CAN/SHA/PVG/PEK) to world base air ports. Depending on the close distance between Shenzhen and Hongkong, we can have more options on airlines for the cost, efficiency, space, even in peak season, space insurance will be our obvious advantages.

            2. Air freight from worldwide to China

            CPI can provide air freight import service for our client against our global cooperating networks with all our partners. Our service includes: pick up cargo and customs clearance in the exporting cities; customs clearance and cargo delivery in China ports.

            CPI is one of the earliest companies who are awarded as Class A customs clearance agent by authority of China Customs.

            We can choose different port and different customs clearance method for client, according to cargo’s different characters, so that we could ensure smooth delivery of the cargo to save clients’ time and cost.